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The First blog post I wrote in 2015 about my son's brain injury

October 31, 2015
Nick was all ready to work his shift at Bake 425 on Halloween.  The store had a theme of “villains” so Nick was dressing as Draco Malfoy.  He bought a white blond wig and had a wand pen to hand to customers when they signed off on their orders.  The only problem was he wasn’t feeling 100%.  The night before he came home with a 101 fever and he slept from 8:30 pm until 8am on Halloween morning.  He was taken Tylenol and Sudafed for his symptoms.  I made him chicken soup in the morning and he called his boss to say he wasn’t feeling good.  
Around 10:30 am I handed him a bowl of soup and by 11 am Perry and I heard a very strange gasping noise and then a thump from his room.  I walked in to see what happened where I found Nick struggling to breath and writhing on the floor with his eyes rolled back in his head.  His heart stopped.  I yelled to Perry to phone 911 and began CPR.  After Perry called the paramedics he began CPR with me.  It was horrible.  
The paramedics arrived and shocked Nick back to life but he still had problems breathing.  He was rushed to St. Francis hospital where they tried to stabilize him but Nick was struggling.  They went to perform a Cat Scan on him when he heart stopped again.  Once revived it was decided that he needed to be put on a heart lung machine.  There were only two available and one was at Resurrection Hospital.  Nick was transported via ambulance and is currently here on this life giving machine.
As I write this it is 3 days later we have flown Emily Nick’s twin in from Los Angeles (Thank you Rob and Leslie) and we have been in this eternal nightmare of beeping machines and Oxygen levels and many many puzzling looks.  There hasn’t been a diagnosis and everyone is stumped.  They needed to put Nick in a paralytic state because he was fighting the ventilator which if you ever saw one I think you would fight it also.
The thing that is hanging in the balance is brain damage.  When I was giving mouth to mouth was it adequate or when the paramedics tried to help him was it enough?  We don’t know how much oxygen he had in his blood when we circulated his blood via CPR.  If there is brain damage how significant is it?  The neurologists can’t give him any tests while he is so deeply sedated so we are at wait and see.
What we have ruled out is Flu, Bacterial Meningitis, any other bacterial illnesses.  His heart is actually healthy but his lungs filled up with liquid in 2 hours which then damaged them severely and the body would need to respond by reabsorbing because it is something that can’t be drained.  I am writing this so I will have one place where folks can go to get updates.
We have been surrounded in love and help and for this my family is truly blessed and grateful.  I will keep you posted.
If I ask one thing it would be for prayers if that is what you do.  Healing energy, good ju ju or just kind thoughts sent our way.  Oh and a spontaneous healing miracle would be great also.
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